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Aberdeen University

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Sports Village

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City Centre

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Student Bar

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Caitlin @ Trinity Court

Caitlin is now halfway through her first semester and is enjoying university life and staying in her new accommodation.

"Trinity Court is an amazing place to live - all the staff are kind and helpful making the moving in process so much easier. The flat itself is also very homely and has everything I could possibly need."



"Moving down here from Inverness and being away from home, Ardmuir gives me the benefit of living in a private flat without strict rules but still having the secure feeling of there being someone you can speak to if you have issues. The staff are very approachable and friendly."



I love staying with Ardmuir, if I ever need anything sorted the staff are always happy to help, even early on a Saturday morning when I lock myself out


Trinity Court | 12 Pittodrie Place (gate entrance), Aberdeen AB24 5QP.  Tel: 07768 164 704

Trinity Court is our largest development offering a selection of 3 & 4 bed flats. Stretching across three streets Trinity Court surrounds a scenic courtyard, which is also home to the Ardmuir office.

Located in the heart of the cities’ student hub you can easily navigate your way around. With only a 5 minute walk to Aberdeen University, 10-minute walk to college or jumping on the main bus route to take you to Robert Gordon University, the City Centre and beyond.

what's included

Included in your rent:

  • Free 40MB WIFI, up to 120MB available on site
  • Washer/Dryer/Iron & Ironing Board in every Kitchen (no queuing in laundry room)
  • Full size Dishwasher in Every Kitchen
  • 24/7 CCTV with Secure intercom Entry
  • 24/7 Ardmuir Maintenance Support
  • Secure Gated Free Car Parking (over 160 parking spaces on site)
  • On-Site Ardmuir Team and office
  • On-Site Student Lounge, with projector for Gaming, Movies, or interactive presentations. Also get Free high speed 120MB WIFI
  • Secure Enclosed Cycle Stores
  • Housekeeping Every Two Weeks (excluding bedrooms)
  • All Utility Bills Included
  • Tenant Controlled Gas Central Heating
  • Wired for Sky Installation
  • Bathroom with Full Sized Bath and Overhead Shower
  • Large Built In Wardrobes with Mirror Doors
  • Unlimited Hot Water Supply
  • Fully equipped kitchen incl, cutlery, crockery, glassware, pots, pans and all cooking utensils
  • Appliances provided include: hob, oven, large fridge/freezer, microwave, kettle, toaster & Iron
  • Close to Aberdeen University Campus
  • Gated Garden and private outdoor recreation space
  • Double and Single Bed rooms available
  • Inbound Parcel Distribution Service
facilities trinity 600
How do you book a room or flat with us?

There are a number of ways to do this;

  • Select the property via our website and make a booking via the online booking system (Book Now). This process takes about 5 minutes, and will require a payment of £200 to make the reservation (this payment goes towards your overall annual rent!) When making your booking you can add in the names of any friends you want to share with and any specifics on your room/flat under the additional preferences section
  • Phone us to make a booking, we can compete the reservation and payment over the phone
  • Email us to let us know what you are looking for, or to arrange an appointment to either view a flat or complete a contract and make payments.
  • Pop into our office any time during normal working hours, and we will do our best to accommodate you at short or no notice.
Can I see a real flat that I could actually live in?

Yes – we have a selection of flat types that we can show you so you know what you are getting

How do arrange car parking?

At the majority of our buildings, car parking is plentiful, secure and gated, and free, when you check in, just give us your car details (and a security deposit for the keyfob for the gate) and you are set.

When can I come and see a flat?

We will work to accommodate you at any time, whether during normal hours or in the evenings / weekends, just contact our team to make arrangements. Our normal working hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm Saturday

How do I pay my rent?
  • We have a number of options to suit your needs – you can pay in one single installment (and get a small saving for the payment processing fees) or you can pay in 3 installments over the tenancy, or 10 installments over the tenancy period.
  • Payment for these instalments can be made by standing order, by credit or debit card through your student portal, over the phone or in the office
What if I am waiting for my student loan?

We always work with our Students to accommodate your individual situation!

I really want to share a flat with my friends, can I guarantee that?
  • Yes, assuming at the time of booking we have a whole flat available (the earlier you book, the more likely that will be possible) we will put you all together. We usually work with our allocations and try to meet all your wish list. Most of our properties are 3 bedroom flats, so you only have to find two friends to share with!
  • If booking online, just state that you want to share with in the additional preferences section and give their names, that way we will know to allocate you in the same flat.
When do you start taking bookings?

We open for re-signing/renewals for current tenants staying with us in December and start taking bookings in January for new tenants.

I have lots of friends and we all want to be in the same building, can you do that?

Yes, within reason and subject to availability. We have previously accommodated large groups who have filled an entire block of 3 bedroom flats. Just no crazy parties please!

How do we set up our utilities etc.?

Although you have your own flat, we deal with all that for you, we pay all the gas, electricity, water, and also include a great high-speed WIFI service, so its all included in your rental payments.

Are there any extra charges for utilities if we use too much?

We don’t limit or restrict use of any of the utilities (gas or electricity) so you can use as much of the hot water, heating, washer/dryer as you like. If you shut down the grid, we may come chat to you, but that’s never happened so far!

Do you have laundry facilities on site?

We do better than that! Virtually every flat has a washer/dryer in the kitchen, and its free to use, with no limits, no tokens, and no carrying your laundry around the building (only 207 King street has a laundry in the basement).

What happens of something breaks, how do we get hold of the maintenance team?

Unfortunately, it happens from time to time, but that’s ok, our helpful maintenance team are on site every day, with a 24hr call out for emergencies. You will be given the mobile number and email address for the maintenance to report any issues by text, call or email. They will ask a few questions about your issues and try to help. Often, they will pop our right away. They will always give you an idea of how quickly they can get to you! It’s unusual for them not to attend within 24hrs of your call.

I use the internet a LOT, and have to have super-fast wifi.. can you do that?

We already have a super-fast WIFI service provided as part of your rent and our service. It is typically a stable 40MB speed, but we do have up to 120MB available on some sites if you need faster speeds.

What’s really included, and what do I need to bring to when I move in?

It’s probably easier to tell you what’s not included; there is no bedding & towels provided. Everything else pretty much is: in the kitchen, all cutlery, crockery, glassware, utensils, pots, pans etc. Also, all appliances including small appliances are provided, including Kettle, Toaster, Microwave, Iron (and ironing board) and a Vacuum cleaner. For full inventory list, see the link on the ‘about us’ page in the Ardmuir Service section or click here.

Can I have a double or ¾ size bed?

Yes, our Premium Flats at Trinity Court are available with Double beds

Is there space for all my stuff, what storage room is available?

Each bedroom has a large built in wardrobe as well as under bed storage drawers. Also, most flats have a storage cupboard in the hallway.

What if I want to leave all my stuff over the summer?

We allow back to back contracts so you can stay from one year to the next without having to move out at all. If you have a break over the summer, our Cleaning and maintenance teams can also assist with storing some of your items.

I know we all use our laptops now for TV, but what if we want a real TV in the living room?

There are cable outlets in most of our flats for connecting to SKY tv, you will need to subscribe to that service if you want it. There is a book case in each Living room designed for having your TV sitting on top of. If you do have a TV in your flat, you will need to register for a TV license. You only need 1 license per flat to watch TV in your living room so you can share the cost with your flat mates

I love my Bike, and want to know its secure, is there storage for it?

We encourage you not to have your bikes in the flats or stairwells as primarily it’s a fire hazard (if it blocking easy access or exit) but also it generally causes lots of cosmetic damage to our buildings and we really want to keep them looking nice for you! We therefore provide secure locked bike stores usually within our private courtyards. These areas are also monitored by CCTV for added protection and peace of mind

Do you have a gym on site?

There’s no gym on site, as we don’t believe in ‘Ticking boxes’ in terms of providing something substandard! We have a world class facility next door to us (Aberdeen Sports Village) where they have some of the best facilities in Scotland! Look them up.. If you book a room at Linksfield you get Gym membership included at Aberdeen Sports village just across the road from your flat.

Do you have a Student Lounge?
  • We have a great student lounge next to our office at Trinity Court, it is a place that you can just come hang out in during the days, but also you can reserve for any private events you wish to organize, whether it’s a movie night with some friend taking advantage of the cinema system and projector and huge screen, or you want to do some study groups or practice presentations etc.
  • Also, it’s a place you can pop in to see our friendly staff, and get a free cup of coffee or tea, or just escape from the weather! We also run social events to let you meet some of your neighbours.
How do I move in and what is the process?

Ahead of your move in date, we will advise you of your flat address and the exact move in procedure, however you will be greeted by one of the Ardmuir team and shown to your flat and given an overview on the do’s and do not’s and also be informed on all the safety and security aspects of being in your own flat. We are always on hand to help, you might even be able to get them to help carry your bags to your new home! Oh, and you don’t need to worry about where to park, you will be able to pull your car into our private car parks right by your flat.

What if I move in and just don’t like my flatmates?

Oh dear, you thought you knew them well, and only once you spend a few days in the flat did you realise it was the worst decision ever… don’t worry, come speak to our helpful team and we will do everything we can to get you moved to a different flat.

What do the housekeeping team clean in the flat?
  • Typically, the cleaning team will clean your Kitchen/Living room, Bathrooms & Hallways. They will NOT go into your bedrooms. The normal clean will include washing floors, clean the entire bathroom (incl. floors, bath tub, sink, toilet, vanity), clean the kitchen tops, cooker, microwave, sink etc, clean / wipe down tables and empty bins.
  • They will not load your dishwasher, or wash your dishes, they will not do your laundry, they will clean what they can reasonably see and access. They will not carry down multiple bags of rubbish left. They are not there to tidy your mess, but rather keep the surfaces of the flat clean.
Do not disturb! what if I want the cleaners to come a different time?
  • The cleaners will work with you and accommodate your schedule. They will generally clean your flat on the same day and same time, and it is usually the same team of cleaners each time. Just let them know ahead of your usual scheduled time that you would like not to be disturbed and they will try to accommodate your needs.
I really need to speak to a real person! Who can I call??
  • We believe that you should always be able to speak with someone, therefore rather than a centralised number, we give you the mobile numbers for all our main staff, so you can just call them direct! No cheesy hold music, or complicated menu’s! That’s right, if you want the cleaners, just call Margaret. If you want Maintenance, just call Peter!
  • We stand behind our service so much, that you also have the mobile numbers for the Directors that run the company, Mads and Richard! That’s right, we will field calls of any nature, whether you want to compliment the exceptional service of our Team, or if we didn’t meet your expectations!



economy room
standard flat
superior flat
3 bed premium flat
4 bed premium flat
economy room

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from £90 pw


average bedroom size8.4 m²
living space per student19.1 m²
46 weeks, £95 per weektotal rent: £4370
51 weeks, £90 per weektotal rent: £4590
standard flat

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from £104 pw


average bedroom size10.3 m²
living space per student18 m²
46 weeks, £109.50 per weektotal rent: £5037
51 weeks, £104 per weektotal rent: £5304
superior flat

view full size

from £107 pw


average bedroom size10.4 m²
living space per student18.7 m²
46 weeks, £112.50 per weektotal rent: £5175
51 weeks, £107 per weektotal rent: £5457
3 bed premium flat

view full size

from £119.00 pw

1st - 3rd FLOORS

average bedroom size11.2 m²
living space per student21.1 m²
46 weeks, £125 per weektotal rent: £5750
51 weeks, £119 per weektotal rent: £6069
4 bed premium flat

from £138.00 pw


average bedroom size13.3 m²
living space per student22.2 m²
46 weeks, £145 per weektotal rent: £6670
51 weeks, £138 per weektotal rent: £7038