How to personalise your Room

So, you’ve finally done it. You’ve spread your wings and flown the coop.  You’ve hit the road and now you’re on your own in the big bad world. You’ve moved out.

Well I hardly think it was that dramatic but I’m sure for some of us it might have felt that way.  Moving into your own apartment for the first time is a milestone and it can be sometimes daunting to remember all the little things that make a home homely.

I’m definitely one of those annoying house-proud people and that’s evident by the bits and bobs I’ve accumulated in my room. It’ll be tough moving out when I finish with uni.

The most obvious way to make your room personal is photographs. It can be a creative, simple way of keeping the important people in your life close.  This can be done in a traditional Pinterest way (polaroid photos pegged up on a piece of string like so) or in solid photo frames spotted around your room. Bear in mind you can also take advantage of handy – and cheap – photo kiosks in retailers like Boot’s or Tesco’s that allow you to print off photos from USBs or direct off your phone. Note: These also make neat cards on birthdays and such.

I think the most important thing with decorating your own space is letting your personality come through. I know. This must sound terribly cliché.  But honestly, I hardly see the point in copying décor off a magazine or photo online if it doesn’t lend itself to who you are as a person.

If you’re a creative sort why not DIY room décor with hand painted vases/pencil pots/baskets to organise things.  You can even use old magazines or flyers to create a collage. Craft supplies are relatively inexpensive, and you can feel free to experiment or change your décor through the year.

If you’re a diehard fan of a sporting team perhaps you want to use the teams colours as a running theme in in your room. Really the possibilities are endless, and you always have the web to draw inspiration from.

Another must-have item for me is a scented reed diffuser. This really alters the ambience in a room and lends a default cosy setting.  Amazon is a good bet for ordering good quality pots at discounted prices. I would recommend trying sample packs before investing in a large pack to make sure you really enjoy the scent.  I will admit this can be a luxury and make sure that its somewhere out of reach of everyday items so you don’t accidently knock it over after a night out..

Fabrics. They are such a versatile way of adding colour, neutralising or just softening the décor in your room. If you’re living up in Scotland like me, chances are you’ve invested in a large fluffy duvet for the winter months at least. The pattern of your bedding can either be a statement or a neutral colour that complements other bold décor in your room.  Consider adding a throw or pillows to add dimension. Do consider this might make making the bed each morning a little more time-intensive. Personally, well worth the indulgence of getting into a nicely set up bed each night.

Well those are just a few tips I think can really change the tone of a room. I’m sure once you start you’ll find other elements that you want to incorporate as well, there really are no rules. Have fun with decorating your new home, your future-self will thank you for it!

Hello! I’m an international student, living in the sunny little city of Dundee. I'm a compulsive organiser and really enjoy a good mystery novel. I love baking and would travel more if I had the time and/or the money.

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