Got a latte on your mind?

Procaffeination is the key.

Now that the terrible puns are out of the way let’s talk about coffee. Or more specifically my favourite coffee hideouts. Whether you’re the type of person who runs out the door with their instant coffee in hand or a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato queen, Aberdeen has something for everyone.

Like many others, my relationship with coffee began at university- and it was a rocky start to say the least. I would make myself a ridiculously watery, cavity inducingly sugary brew and leave for lectures, already 10 minutes late. This evolved into late night instant coffees from the library coffee machine. Needless to say, these coffee trips happened around every 30 minutes, it became the best form of procrastination after I had exhausted Facebook and Snapchat. There were then the countless “coffee dates” with friends where I would stare wide eyed at the board, half impressed and half terrified about what to order (who knew there were so many ways of saying milky coffee). It was then that I settled on the classic vanilla latte and I have never looked back. Now one of my favourite things to do on a drizzly Sunday morning (and by morning, I mean 12pm) is to sit in a coffee shop window with a cuppa in hand and there is no better place to do that than Aberdeen.

So! Without further ado let’s jump into my favourite spots.


Books and Beans:

With a truly unique atmosphere Books and Beans never fails to impress. This coffee house is right in the heart of town which makes it so convenient for your lunch or study breaks. They offer a great range of food, from soup and sandwiches for lunch, to pancakes stacks for breakfast. Now if that’s not something to drag yourself out of bed for in the morning then I don’t know what is.  But if you’re like me, mornings are the work of the devil and I am in serious need of a pick me up for the rest of the day. My top recommendation is their Chai bomb. This spin on a classic Chai latte adds an espresso shot to the low caffeine drink so that you still get its awesome flavour but with an added kick. Books and beans also gets bonus points here for being Aberdeen’s first fully Fairtrade independent café. And if books and reading are your thing then this is definitely the place for you. With shelves stacked from floor to ceiling with books from every genre to choose from whilst you eat, this is the best solo coffee spot in Aberdeen.



Now this is my personal favourite. If you’re a Disney fan then you will love this. This little café is tucked away on Little Belmont Street meaning that you’re not brawling over tables during busy lunch hours. With a subtle Alice in Wonderland theme, there is a truly mystical atmosphere. And, if you’re not a coffee person then don’t worry! They offer an amazing range of teas from Peppermint Cream to a classy Earl grey. If you’re feeling peckish then their all-day breakfast menu is the way forward. The offer mouth watering waffled topped with pretty much anything you could want, for example, bacon and syrup or the healthier fruit options. My recommendation here would have to be their hot chocolate, which comes in beautiful individual mugs which would make anyone run to IKEA to restock their supply! Cup has also moved to be more environmentally friendly, swapping harmful plastic straws for their paper counterparts, which appeals to my fellow ecowarriors. All in all, Cup café has something for everyone which is why I have to rank this as my #1.



This café is a little different from the rest and I think their motto says it all:

“a space where anyone of any age, any walk of life of life could not just eat great, healthy food but could come in and feel part of a community through art and music.”

Their aim is to bring people together with everyone’s favourite thing, food. And this really gives this place a homely feel. It is also the perfect place if you have any tricky dietary requirements which can prevent people from enjoying meals out with friends. All of their food is locally sourced and gives an alternative, healthier, option compared with many other cafes around Aberdeen. Let’s not forget about the coffee, which they source from small, specialized businesses and tastes absolutely amazing. My recommendation here is also slightly different. Here I would always opt for a flat white with their impressive dairy free milk which makes me feel a little healthier, even when I’m spoiling myself with coffee. Foodstory would definitely be my pick if you have any specific dietary requirements or if you’re just feeling something a little healthier.


With something for everyone, Aberdeen is an amazing place for coffee experts and novices alike. Along with my top picks, there are so many more cafes to choose from which cater to anyone’s needs. And if you’re not a coffee person? Explore coffee shops through flavoured teas, hot chocolates and of course, food.


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Born and raised in Aberdeen, Chloe is a student at Edinburgh University studying Bio Medical Science. Spending the summer working at Ardmuir she has brought to the office her love of all things Harry Potter! A keen and talented gymnast who is ‘flipping’ awesome and a great addition to our team!

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