食店推荐 Places to eat & 景点推荐 Places to visit in Aberdeen

食店推荐 Places to eat


我最愛到的地方就是翠竹轩粤菜馆The Manchurian

翠竹轩算是阿伯丁最好的中餐馆之一了,旁边就是中国超市,食材的新鲜度还是很有保证的! 它們的主打是粤菜,在这里可以吃到非常正宗的点心,蛋挞、叉烧包、肠粉… 广式点心!!

One of my favourite Chinese restaurants will be The Manchurian which is quite near the city centre. Since I living in Aberdeen for so long, I do miss dim sum, cheung fun etc… the quality of the food is very good also after lunch you can go to the supermarket which is only next door find the foods or snacks you missed from home.

地址 Address:  36 Causeway end, Aberdeen AB25 3TN


香港仔Taste of Hong Kong


食物是很新鲜的,大部分是手工制作的,春卷味道干净可口。 您将体验到一流的和友好的服务,难怪我每周吃2到3次!蜂蜜辣鸡肉很棒, 我的推荐是一定要吃的沙爹鸡和豆腐花!

The Taste of Hong Kong is situated in the Aberdeen market, the restaurant is quite small but it has a wide range of selection of choice in the menu and when you need to wait for a seat among chinese people you know you are in the right place if you want to have proper Chinese food! It’s open from lunchtime until 5 pm. It’s worth a visit.

地址 Address :8-10 Market Street | Unit 13-14, Aberdeen Market, Aberdeen AB11 5NX, Scotland


沏茶Seven Tea

特好喝的奶茶,水果茶正儿八经的还真不知道怎么介绍了,开店以来各种奶茶水果茶都是好评如潮哇! 不仅好喝颜值还高! 外国妞妞和咱们小可爱们都拍手叫好!!无论限量款还是经典茶饮总有一杯适合你



I have been craving for a bubble tea for a long time since I moved to Aberdeen and the nearest bubble tea shop will be at Edinburgh. However, I am so glad this bubble shop has opened and fulfils my cravings to a tea! Lovely staff and a good selection of boba. Can’t recommend enough! Worth for a visit 🙂

地址 Address :148 King St, Aberdeen AB24 5BD


Ashvale Fish Restaurant

去英国的港口城市怎么能不吃炸鱼薯呢~Ashvale是一家英式鱼薯连锁餐厅,非常有名,在阿伯丁的这家店是旗舰店, 已經有30年历史了! 去他家一般都会点鳕鱼(haddock),新鲜的鳕鱼肉质细嫩

The Ashvale is an award-winning restaurant, with multiple locations across the UK.  They are well known for their delicious fish and chips also for kids under 5s is free of charge!

地址 Address :42-48 Great Western Rd, Aberdeen AB10 6PY


The Silver Darling

如果你想一边赏海景一边吃海鲜? 就一定要去The Silver Darling了!!價格有點貴,但 一定沒介紹錯! 这家是阿伯丁最棒的海鲜餐厅,就位于阿伯丁港口! 有景點,有好的食材!

这家店的特色是青口和生蚝,各种做法都很好吃。如果你能够接受生吃生蚝的朋友一定要点Chilled Oyster啊,真的超级新鲜!不過如果你有选择困难症 (哈哈! 我有😊) 直接点Platter就好,有青口,生蚝,龙虾和三文鱼等等…可以一次嘗試不同海鲜!

If you want to eat seafood while enjoying the sea view you must go to The Silver Darling!! I think the price can be a bit expensive, but it’s definitely worth for a visit, at least once! Personally, I think this is one of the best seafood restaurants in Aberdeen and it’s located right next to the Harbour Port.

I would highly recommend you to try the oysters. If you enjoy raw seafood, you must try the chilled Oyster, it’s very fresh! If you can’t decide what to order, you can just order seafood platter which includes mussels, oysters, lobster and salmon, etc … you can a range of different seafood at once!

地址 Address:Pocra Quay, Aberdeen AB11 5DQ


瑪科萊夫 Spa 酒店 (Marcliffe Hotel and Spa)

位於阿伯丁,2018-01-01裝修的瑪科萊夫 Spa 酒店,將是您旅途中的不二選擇。阿伯丁火車站位於距離該酒店大約4km的地方。著名的景點Johnstone Gardens、The Gordon Highlanders Museum和Boutique Beauty均可步行很短距離到達。從酒店到The Locked Door遊覽很方便,阿伯丁及東北蘇格蘭家族歷史學會中心和Queen Victoria Statue也均在附近。

Located in Aberdeen and renovated in 2018, the Marcliffe Spa Hotel will be a great choice for your journey. Aberdeen Railway Station is located approximately 4km from the hotel. The famous attractions of Johnstone Gardens, The Gordon Highlanders Museum and Boutique Beauty all will be within walking distance. The Locked Door and the Northeast Scottish Family History Society Centre and Queen Victoria Statue are also nearby.

The service of the massage room and the first-class facilities of the fitness room will let you have a different experience. The hotel is equipped with a conference hall and a business centre that can be used by travellers if required. The hotel has a hairdressing and beauty salon where you can get a facial and nails done without having to leave the hotel grounds!


景点推荐Place to visit


阿伯丁海事博物馆 | Aberdeen Maritime Museum

阿伯丁海事博物馆是苏格兰最棒的景点之一,广受游客好评,就位于热闹繁忙的阿伯丁港口附近! 这个博物馆向游客详细展示了苏格兰的石油工业,在这里大家可以看到北海石油钻井平台模型以及多种多样的船只模型。如果你站在博物馆顶层位置, 还可以眺望阿伯丁港哦!博物馆建筑本身是阿伯丁最古老的房子,非常值得一看!


地址:Shiprow, Aberdeen AB11 5BY


The Aberdeen Maritime Museum is one of Scotland ’s best attractions and many tourists that come to Aberdeen enjoy each year. It is located near the Aberdeen Harbour. This museum shows visitors in detail the history of the Scottish petroleum industry, where you can see a replica of a North Sea Oil Drilling platform models and various ship models. If you stand on the top floor of the museum, you can also overlook the Port of Aberdeen! The museum building itself is the oldest house in Aberdeen and it is well worth a visit, especially as it’s free of charge!

Fees: Free of charge

Address: Shiprow, Aberdeen AB11 5BY

Opening hours: Monday- Friday from 10:00am- 17:00pm, Saturday 10:00am- 17:00 and Sunday 12:00pm-15:00pm


达西公园与大卫·威尔奇冬季花园 | Duthie Park and David Welch Winter Gardens

卫·威尔奇冬季花园是达西公园的一部分,是欧洲最大的室内花园之一,也是苏格兰游客第三多的花园。虽然叫冬季花园,却一年四季都有鲜花盛开,花的品种也超级多,来自世界各地哦。其中一所叫Arid House绝对不能错过,里面的仙人掌和多肉植物数量很多,而且有全世界唯一的能发出声音的仙人掌!很大開眼介!


地址:Polmuir Road, Aberdeen AB11 7TH


Duthie Park is located to the south of Aberdeen city centre.

The Welch Winter Gardens is located inside Duthie Park. It’s one of the largest indoor gardens in Europe, and the third most visited garden in Scotland. Although it is called Winter Garden, it has flowers blooming all year round, and there are many varieties of flowers from all over the world. I especially like the Arid House where there are many cacti and succulents in it, and there is the only cactus in the world that can make a sound! It’s worth for a visit!


圣马查尔大教堂 | St Machar’s Cathedral



地址:The Chanonry, Aberdeen AB24 1RQ


St. Machar ’s Cathedral was built in the 15th century and has two tall towers. It is a rare “Fortress Church” (a church that played a defensive role during the war)! Legend has it that when St. Machar was choosing a site for the church, he was asked to build the church in a river basin shaped like a bishop’s crank, so he chose to build the church here. The roof of this church is very beautiful.

Fees: Free of charge

Address: The Chanonry, Aberdeen AB24 1RQ


戈登高地兵团博物馆 | The Gordon Highlanders Museum

如果对战争史感兴趣的朋友!這間博物馆向大家展示的是英国陆军历史上最著名的戈登高地兵团的历史。要知道,这个兵团不仅参加过对抗拿破仑的一系列战役,还获得过丘吉尔的高度评价哦:“全球最佳兵团(the finest regiment in the world)”。


地址:St. Luke’s, Viewfield Road, Aberdeen AB15 7X


If you are interested in the history of war, this is a great place to visit! This museum shows you the history of the most famous Gordon Highland Corps of the British Army. This regiment had participated in a series of battles against Napoleon and was highly praised by Churchill as: “The best regiment in the world’’


Aberdeen Harbour | 阿伯丁港

阿伯丁作为苏格兰东北部最大的港口,大家到了阿伯丁一定要去看看海喔!除了一望无际的海滩, 这里还有渔民住的很特别的平房! 很精緻! 間間有不同的风格!


地址:16 Regent Quay, Aberdeen AB11 5SS


阿伯丁作为苏格兰东北部最大的港口,大家到了阿伯丁一定要去看看海喔!除了一望无际的海滩, 这里还有渔民住的很特别的平房! 很精緻! 間間有不同的风格!

Fees: Free of charge

Address: 16 Regent Quay, Aberdeen AB11 5SS

Opening hours: 24 Hours

我的花名叫可可, 已經住在阿伯丁十多年了,老公是這裡的土生中國人,所以我從香港來了這裡了!現在我們有一個23個大的女兒 😊 我寫這个BLOG的原因是因為我明白到一个陌生的环境学习生活,刚开始都有那么一个适应期, 所以我想 打一些资料, 希望帮助你很快融入這裡生活

My name is Yuen Ni, originally from Hong Kong, I have been living in Aberdeen for more than ten years. I came to Aberdeen because I married with a Scottish 😊 and I’m a mummy of 23 months old daughter. The reason I write this blog is that I understand moving abroad is very exciting and you barely realise how quickly the first six months/year fly by. I remember there was definitely an element of a culture shock going from Hong Kong to Aberdeen. Believe me! soon you are constantly out exploring new places in your new city: bars, restaurants and activities so I hope this information can help you adapt a little bit quicker 😊

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